Dr.  Theodore Burden is a practicing physician with 32 years experience as a clinician, administrator, teacher, and physician leader. His primary discipline is internal medicine with a special interest in geriatrics. He began his career in 1980 as a primary care clinician with the City of Philadelphia Health Department before entering private practice in 1983 with Dr. Gene Newton operating as Burden Newton Medical Associates.  He helped create Urban Health Systems Inc a health administration company which provides medical supervision and oversight for a 500 bed long term care facility. He is on the governing board and has served as medical director and vice president for medical affairs. Dr. Burden together with Dr. Newton used Urban Health Systems and Burden Newton Medical Associates as the platform to support the practices of many minority health professionals.

Dr. Burden has served on the clinical faculty of Temple University School of Medicine. Presently, he is president of the medical staff of North Philadelphia Heath Systems Inc. and co chair of Credentials and By-Laws Committees. In addition to serving on the Board of NPHS, Inc Dr. Burden is on the governing boards of St Joseph Hospital, and Girard Medical Center.  Dr. Burden received a mayoralty appointment to the Hospital and Higher Education Facilities Authority of Philadelphia which serves non-profit institutions with low cost, tax-exempt financing. He serves as Vice Chair and during his tenure the Authority has issued close to three billion dollars in municipal financing. He is also chair of the Authority’s modest Healthcare Resources foundation. The Foundation has given out over $800,000 in matching grants.

Dr. Burden has a passion for traveling and has made several trips to Africa and Cuba to study non traditional medicine and comparative health care systems. His principal work is contrasting disease prevention versa disease pathology as the foundation for a healthcare delivery model. If nothing else comes from his travel experiences, he asserts that USA education is too expensive and healthcare is too costly. Dr. Burden has several interests outside of medicine including previously serving on the advisory board of the World Trade Council of Greater Philadelphia. He was appointed Trade Representative to Sierra Leone in 2001. He is on the board of several consultancies and serves as Vice Chair of Fever Beverage USA, the developer of an all-natural organic herbal fusion drink.

Dr. Burden was a member of the United States Army serving in Vietnam. He attended Howard and Duquesne Universities before completing the MD degree at Hahnemann University (now Drexel University School of Medicine) in 1977. His internal medicine residency was served at Pennsylvania Hospital. He earned a Masters degree in Business Administration from Drexel University in 1999. Dr. Burden is completing his first term as NMA Region II Trustee serving as vice chair Finance Committee. Prior to his current position he has been a member CAFA, Chair Internal Medicine Section, Chair Council on Clinical Practice and member Council on Scientific Education.

He is the recipient of several awards and commendations including a citation from City Council of Philadelphia for service to the community.
Dr. Burden is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Forum for a Better Philadelphia, and Bachelor Barge Rowing Club. He also has a passion for reading. He especially enjoys reviewing children books to introduce to children of the family.  Dr. Burden resides in Philadelphia and is the proud father of three daughters and three sons.


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